Re-gathering - Welcome Home

The church was never “closed” we were just meeting at different locations

Worship Service Times

Outside (near the South entrance) Sundays at 10 AM

Bring your chairs or a blanket and enjoy an outside service as one big family!

The Experience

When you arrive at 3217 Middle Road the parking team will greet you. Parking will be in the Apple Valley Road Parking Lot and South Parking Lot. Handicap and senior parking is available in the South Parking Lot close to where we will gather. 

After you park, you can proceed to one of our Outdoor Welcome Areas to pick up your communion supplies, grab a water, or make a name tag, if you would like. We are working on a system to check your family in from your mobile device (see link below). There will be no children's ministry this weekend.

We will be sitting in the grassy area between the Apple Valley Road Parking Lot and the South Parking Lot so bring your lawn chairs and blankets. We are asking families to maintain social distancing of 6 feet between families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- Will there continue to be an online service?

A.- We know some people are not able or comfortable to attend in person quite yet, so we plan to offer an online worship service for people to worship at home or possibly even with your community group. This weekend, we will be live streaming from outdoors.

Q. - I am over 60, can I come?

A. - We are leaving the decision to come back to 3217 Middle Road up to each family. However those over 60 or with an underlying medical condition that puts them at increased risk are encouraged to continue worshiping through our online service.

Q. - Will I need to get a ticket or register for the service that I am going to attend?

A. - You will not need a ticket. We have plenty of space outside for everyone to be able to join us.

Q. - Do I have to wear a mask to come to church?

A. - You do not have to wear a mask while at the Outdoor Worship Gathering, however the state has encouraged them. People are welcome to wear masks if they choose to do so.

Q. - How will I know who is who if some people are wearing masks?

A. - We are providing an opportunity for everyone to wear a name tag. We will be printing some or you will be able to write out your own with a single-use pen (or bring your own pen). This is optional and there is certainly no requirement to do so.

Q. - Will I get to sit wherever I want?

A. - We have marked off the grass between the Apple Valley Road and South Parking Lots on our campus for people to be able to sit.

Q. - How will social distancing work outside?

A. - We are asking families to leave 6 feet between their family and the next family when finding your spot.

Q. - Will I be able to go to the bathroom during the service?

A. - Yes, the South entrance doors will be unlocked.

Q. - Will there be children's ministry?

A. - No, we are calling families to worship together outside.

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