Re-gathering - Welcome Home

The church was never “closed” we were just meeting at different locations

Worship Service Times

In the Main Auditorium:

  • Saturday at 7 PM - OUTSIDE near lower level
  • Sunday at 9 AM - Live-stream available at this time; service will be recorded for you to view at a later time
  • Sunday at 11 AM - Nursery-aged (0-2) and preschool-aged (2-4) children's ministry available

In the Lower Auditorium:

  • Sunday at 11 AM - Nursery-aged (0-2) and preschool-aged (2-4) children's ministry available

The Experience

After you park, you will proceed to one of our outdoor welcome station near the nursery, north, or south entrance (for F3 there will be a station at the lower level). We are working on a system for you to check your family in from your mobile device (see link below). Nursery-aged (0-2) and preschool-aged (2-4) children's ministry will available during the 11 AM service.

At the entrances, we will have a greeter holding the door open for you. Our interior doors will all be open to ensure that you do not have to touch a door.

Once inside the building, we would like to have you go into the auditorium where there will be more of the welcome team guiding you to your seat. We will be filling the chairs from the front of the auditorium to the back. Every other row has been removed and families can sit together. We are asking that three chairs separate your family and the next family, if you are sitting on the same row.

When the worship service is over, our welcome team will be dismissing each row. This will help everyone to move to the outside of the building for more fellowship time, if you would like.

No process is perfect, but here are all the things we are doing to help provide the safest environment we can for everyone joining us to worship.

Sickness Policy: If you are not feeling well (coughing, temperature over 100 degrees, shortness of breath or otherwise not feeling well) or if you have been exposed within the last two weeks to someone suspected of Covid-19 we are asking that you worship with us online at

As you arrive:

Name tags - Since many people will be wearing masks under the current encouragement of the state, we are providing opportunities to either have a name tag printed for them or to write their own with a single-use pen (or use your own pen). Anyone desiring to help have a name tag created very quickly using your cell phone can follow the instructions at and visit one of the name tag stations. 

Lobby - We are asking people to not congregate in the lobby so we are establishing designated fellowship areas outside. 

Masks and face coverings - We are informing every one of the Virginia Governor’s Executive Order requiring masks indoors. However, it is up to the attendees' conscience whether they fall into one of the order's exceptions (click here to read the order). Those on stage will be utilizing the exception for participation in a religious ritual. Those serving in roles that are close to the congregation, such as Ushers, Greeters, and the Welcome team we will ask that they continue to wear masks while they are serving for the comfort and protection of those that they are serving.  1 Corinthians 8:9-12 NASB - 9 But take care that this [a]liberty of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak. 10 For if someone sees you, who have knowledge, dining in an idol’s temple, will not his conscience, if he is weak, be strengthened to eat things sacrificed to idols? 11 For through your knowledge he who is weak is ruined, the brother for whose sake Christ died. 12 And so, by sinning against the brethren and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ.

Shaking of hands and hugging - We have all missed each other dearly. We are asking everyone to extend a level of understanding and comfort for each other by refraining from shaking hands or hugging one another. 

Doors - We will be propping doors open or have them held by volunteers so that we can provide a touchless service. Which entrance should I use? We are asking that unless you have children for the nursery, that you plan to enter through either the north or south portico entrances. 

Entering - We ask that people remain outside (especially for the 11 AM service) until we have finished sanitizing the space as we are cleaning services before and after each service.  

Spreading out - To provide greater social distancing we have removed every other row of seats within the main auditorium and overflow spaces. Households are able to all sit together, but we are asking everyone to leave 3 open chairs from one household to the next household. The ushers will be helping out with this as well. 

Seating - To help us move in and out of the building and rooms in a way that provides social distancing and to allow us to make room for everyone, we will be seating everyone from the front of the auditorium to the rear. Ushers will guide each household to the next available seats. At the end of the service each row will be dismissed in order. 

Fellowship - We are asking once people are dismissed to move to the nearest exterior doors and refrain from congregating in the lobby areas. We have designated areas outside where people can fellowship outside in a way that allows greater social distancing. 

Offerings - We are encouraging people to continue giving online, mailing in contributions, or we will have labeled offering boxes at each entrance/exit to allow people to drop any offerings off as they enter or exit the worship service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- Will there continue to be an online service?

A.- We know some people are not able or comfortable quite yet, so we plan to offer an online worship service for people to worship at home or possibly even with your community group. Live-stream will be available at 9 AM and the recording of the service will be posted for you to watch at a later time.

Q. - I am over 60, can I come?

A. - We are leaving the decision to come back to 3217 Middle Road up to each family. However those over 60 or with an underlying medical condition at increased risk are encouraged to continue worshiping through our online service.

Q. - Do I have to wear a mask to come to church?

A. - On those Sundays when we do plan to meet indoors, we will remind everyone of the latest specific requirements of the Governor’s order. But then it will be an individual’s choice according to conscience whether an exception to the order applies to them. One current exception is that anyone participating in a religious ritual is excused from wearing a mask. While this easily applies to those leading in the service, anyone else will have to decide for themselves if their participation in worship is religious ritual. Nevertheless, we will require those that are serving in roles that require closeness to the congregation such as Ushers, Greeters, and the Welcome team that they continue to wear masks while they are serving for everyone’s comfort and protection.  

Q. - How will I know who is who if some people are wearing masks?

A. - We are providing an opportunity for everyone to wear a name tag. We will be printing some or you will be able to write out your own with a single-use pen. (or bring your own pen). This is optional and there is certainly no requirement to do so.

Q. - Will I get to sit wherever I want in the service?

A. - To allow us to safely and most efficiently get everyone in the building, we will be seating people from the front to the back of the church. We are asking for everyone's flexibility in this new process.

Q. - How will social distancing work in the main auditorium?

A. - We have removed every other row of seats and we will be seating families together with 3 open chairs between each family.

Q. - Will I be able to go to the bathroom during the service?

A. - Yes, we will have some doors open in the back of the auditorium, so that people can leave if they need to.

Q. - If I come and we are at 50% capacity, will I be asked to leave?

A. - We are working on overflow rooms, so that no one is turned away.

Q. - Will there be children's ministry?

A. - Yes, nursery-aged (0-2) and preschool-aged (2-4) children's ministry will available during the 11 AM service.

Have more questions? Ask them below.