ALC Class Schedule

New Adult Learning Center classes start on September 1st!

Our Adult Learning Center (ALC) offers classes on a variety of Bible studies that will strengthen your understanding of your faith and help you build a solid foundation for spiritual growth.


Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.

Classes run concurrently with the Sunday morning services. Most attenders will join our corporate worship for one service and then attend the class of their choice during the other service. See the listing below for classes currently being offered.

Fall Semester • Starting September 1

9:00 AM

Care Reimagined, Jim Wescott, Room 2-1.

Do you care? Of course you do! Everyone cares. But is it possible that the care that comes naturally is sometimes insufficient? Or maybe you care deeply but feel inadequate in providing care? Join us as we take a fresh look at what the Bible teaches us about caring for others. 

The Days of Creation, Don Den Hartog, Room 2-2 a/b. 

Debate over the first chapter of the Bible seems to never end. But is science really the issue? Maybe we are missing the boat in thinking it is and missing an important message from God. Come and see why! 

Ambassador Series, Apologetics Ministry, Room 2-3.

It’s a common belief that, “all roads lead to God” as long as you’re sincere. We will briefly survey the beliefs of various faiths to determine if they are reasonable. You will be better equipped to present Christ with your non-Christian friends and family.  

Genesis, Young Adults Class (18-29), Howard & Liz Green, Conference Room A.

Genesis is the essential book, the launching pad for understanding the gospel. Come and discuss these great and unbelievably relevant truths with us.

10:45 AM

The Fall Feasts of Israel (Women only), Christy Voelkel, Conference Room A.

Walk with us through the celebration of the feasts of Israel happening this fall. Learn about their practice and themes, how they entwine with the Gospels and book of Revelation, and how you can use them to speak to a Jewish person about a relationship with Christ.

Hebrews, Jordan Emswiller/Bo Spires, Room 2-1.

If you have suffered for being a Christian and wonder if it’s worth it, this class is for you. Sometimes Christians can be tempted to leave or at least be quiet about their faith. What would happen then? Hebrews answers those questions and much more. Join us.

Job, John Morrison, Room 2-2 a/b.

Shouldn't God make sense? When challenges and sorrows confront us, where is God and what is He doing? Have I brought these things on myself? What does He want me to learn? Join us for a look at one of the most important books of the Bible, the oldest book in the Bible and one of the most practical.

Worldview: Honor/Shame, Joel McManigle, Room 2-3.

In this class we will explore the important subject of worldview and how our observable behavior gives insight into the heart. Whether in the context of discipleship or examining your own heart, the principles are the same. So join us as we get off our jet-skies, leaving the surface, and put on the scuba gear to delve into the deep waters of worldview. 

Encore (60+), The Role of Grandparents in our Society Today, Jerry Harpool, Hospitality Suite.

This study will utilize videos from the “ International Grandparenting Conference.” All grandparents or grandparents to be are invited! Let's learn together how to be vessels of God to our families. This class begins on September 8, 2019. 

Summer Semester (June 2 to August 25)

9:00 & 10:45 AM || Foundations, Elder Leadership Team, Room 2-2.

Referred to as the fundamentals of the faith, there are key essential beliefs that are foundational to biblical Christianity. Christians differ on some biblical discussions but these essential issues do not allow for wiggle room. They serve as a line drawn in the sand between orthodox Christianity and false doctrine.

Join us this summer for “Foundations”, an ALC class designed to deepen your understanding of these most important topics. God, Jesus Christ, sin, salvation, the Holy Spirit are just a few of the subjects to be examined. Make this class part of your summer plans to become better grounded in the core beliefs of our faith.

[CLICK HERE] to view the list of topics we'll be covering.

9:00 AM || GenesisYoung Adults (18-29), Howard and Liz Green, Conference Room A.

Genesis is the essential book, the launching pad for understanding the gospel. Come and discuss these great and unbelievably relevant truths with us.

10:45 AM || Encore (60+), Senior Adults, Jerry Harpool, Hospitality Suite.

Fellowship will begin our summer series of studies on The Book of Job. We’re calling it: “When Life Tumbles In, What Then?” Job is considered to be the oldest book in the Bible, the first book written. It will help us to understand “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” and “Why Good Things Often Happen to Bad People.” Join us for our “Summer Jaunt Through Job.” Let’s see how Job got through one of the most devastating days anyone could have imagined without giving up.

Foundations Topics

June 16: Angelology — Sometime they’re seen. Sometimes not, but always involved in our lives. Learn about these special messengers from God.

June 23: Hamartiology — No one is innocent. All of us have sinned. Knowing about it will make you appreciate your salvation all the more.

June 30: Soteriology I — Is eternity with Christ free, secure and sure? Yes! Hear how and why. (Part 1)

July 7: Eschatology — Want to be anchored in uncertain times? Knowing God’s plan for the future will make all the difference.

July 14: Theology Proper — Knowing about God is an important part of knowing Him in a personal way. Come and learn more about your Father who is in heaven.

July 21: Christology Part II — Jesus is fully God and Man. Our eternity depends on that. Hear how.

July 28: Pneumatology — Without Him, we’d be alone. But because we have Him, we have all we need to live. Hear how.

August 4: Bibliology — Knowing the Bible is grounded upon knowing about the Bible. We’d be lost without it. Learn why we can trust it as absolute truth.

August 11: Soteriology II — Is eternity with Christ free, secure, and sure? Yes! Hear how and why. Part 2

August 18: Ecclesiology — The church is more important for each of us than we may realize. Why is it called the Body of Christ and how important is it in my life?

August 25: Anthropology — Man is the crown of God’s creation and the greatest object of His love. What makes us so different from other living things. This class will tell you.