Biblical Counseling

Everyone gets stuck. We can help.

We have times in our own lives (or in our closest relationships) when anger, frustration, confusion, or worry plague us and create distance with those we love. Although all real help for these troubles comes from our relationship with Christ, we often need help getting there.

Biblical Counseling at Fellowship

We have a counseling team consisting of numerous Christian counselors/mentors who consist of pastors, elders and other lay leaders of FBC. Counseling is available for individuals (teen years on up) and couples. There is no charge to those receiving counseling from FBC. We believe it is the Lord’s will for us to carry each other’s burdens as well as comfort others in trouble with the same comfort we have received from God.

Biblical counseling can help in situations where there is:

• Anger


Depression and discouragement



Grief and loss


• Incorrect view of self

Parenting issues

Premarital and marital issues (including adultery)

Recovery from abuse

Biblical Counseling services are available free of charge to members, regular attendees, and members of the community. If we're unable to provide the assistance you need, we can also recommend other professional local counselors and organizations for crisis help. For more information about premarital, purity, or financial counseling, click below.

A Message on Depression

John Morrison, Pastor of Biblical Counseling

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Biblical Counseling Training