Couples Bucket List


As a date night discussion guide to nurture a pattern

of fun dates and creative times for couples to connect with each other


• Schedule a dinner or coffee date

• Each spouse check at least three activities found on the reverse side that you would like to do together


1. Take turns sharing your top three bucket list ideas

2. Spend some time dreaming of other things to do together

3. Plan and schedule three additional dates—taking turns selecting from your top choices on the bucket list

Together let's

-Go bowling

-Go to a museum

-Find new games to play

-Take a cooking class

-Go dancing/take lessons

-Camp out or Camp in

-Have a movie marathon

-Go on a missions trip

-Find a new hobby

-Go to a concert

-Have a progressive dinner

-Put a puzzle together

-Find a drive-in movie

-Serve others

-Go on walks

-Play on a playground (without kids)

-Work in the yard/garden

-Go through old pictures

-Research our family trees

-Go on a road trip

-Try a new restaurant

-Take goodies to a neighbor

-Go roller skating

-Play putt-putt golf

-Go horseback riding

-"People watch" at the mall

-Eat on our good china

-Plant a tree

-Pick fruit to bake with

-Go to the zoo

-Read a book

-Memorize a scripture

-Make coupon books for each other

-Go to a musical

-Have a massive food or water fight

-Make scavenger hunts for each other

-Spend a present amount of money on each other

-Window shop with "pretend" money

-Take a photography class

-Go fishing

-Build a fire to make s'mores

-Rent a favorite movie

-Star gaze

-Go to the aquarium

-Fly a kite

-Ride go-carts

-Build something

-Go to a sporting event

-Run through the sprinkler

-Go on a day trip

-Ride bikes or take a hike

-Start a collection together

-Make a list of compliments to share with each other

-Find a new recipe, grocery shop, and cook together

-Pray aloud for each other

-Go to a an arboretum/park for a picnic and pictures