Fellowship Kid's Safety

Our procedures for children's ministry during COVID-19

N - Nursery

P - Preschool

E - Elementary

A - All

Sickness guidelines (A): In addition to our general COVID sickness guidelines for worship activities we are asking to make sure everyone (children and volunteers) has been at least 24 hours free of fever, cough, shortness of breath, pink eye, vomiting, diarrhea, colored mucus discharge/congestion, chickenpox, and open skin lesions.

Entering and exiting: We have created a flow pattern for entering and exiting the Fellowship Kids area that allows people not to cross paths as they enter and exit. (N) Families with nursery-aged children will enter door #13 and then follow the directions to the nursery foyer then exit out the main nursery doors. (P) Families with preschool-aged children will enter through Door #13 and follow through to the preschool wing. Once their child is dropped off to their class, families will filter through the exit door into the courtyard. (E) Families will use the stairs down to children's ministry, staying on the right side of the stairs. Once in the elementary foyer, families will leave the child(ren) with the ministry volunteer to take to their class. Families will exit using the stairs, staying to the right. For dismissal, families of grades K-3 will pick-up their child at their classroom. Ministry volunteers will be available to help families. Grades 4-6 will be dismissed on their own to meet their families upstairs.

Screening (N & P): All children entering nursery and preschool will quickly have their temperature checked with an infrared touchless thermometer.

Diaper Bags (N): We are asking that parents leave diaper bags in their cars to limit potential exposure points. If you want to just bring in an extra diaper with your child that will be fine. 

Check-in (A): We are offering a touchless check-in process that can be done onsite or up to 4 hours in advance by following the directions at fbcva.life/my-check-in.

Hygiene (A): The hands of children and volunteers will be cleaned when starting and ending class and periodically as required, including immediately prior & after any snacks. (if we provide snacks)

Social distancing (A): Social distancing is difficult for children’s ministry, however, we are working to expand the space we use to allow smaller numbers of children per room to reduce contact between children. 

Cleaning (A): Our team is cleaning surfaces before and after each service to prevent cross-exposure between services. 

Toys (N & P): The team has streamlined the toys that are available in the nursery and preschool to make sure any toys available are easily cleaned. We are also using bins for toys as they’re used so that they can be sanitized before being made available again. 

Blankets (N): We have placed any blankets in bins so that they are not exposed to germs before they are used. 

Snacks (N & P): We have procured additional tables to use for snack time to allow for continued social distancing during any snack times. If not pre-packaged, at least we will provide paper cups or paper towels for each child to keep their snacks on and apart from surfaces. Along with hygiene protections being taken by anyone handling food, including cleaning hands with soap (or sanitizer) and wearing a mask.

Let us know if you have any questions