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August Prayer Requests

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Juan & Tirsa Delgado


1) We ask for prayer for Tirsa and I as we raise our daughter. It is our desire that she would know the Lord personally, and depend on him to live this life. As parents, we need to grow in our personal faith so we can depend on Him to raise her.

2) I am working on my thesis to finish my master's degree in ministry through SETECA seminary in Guatemala City. It is an online master's program that is accredited through Dallas Theological Seminary. I finished my coursework almost five years ago. Needless to say I am behind on this project and am trusting the Lord that I will finish it this fall. I have already written 4 rough chapters. Please pray that the Lord would provide another advisor for my thesis, as I only have 1 right now, but I need 2 to complete the requirements for my degree.

3) This month we are traveling with some men from the church to study with the Quichua pastors. I travel every month to see the pastor's, but this year we have opened up our "mission's trip" to the Quichuas just for men. As the Lord continues to use the church in Cuenca to train these pastors, we need the men from the church to also participate and give leadership in Cuenca.

4) Please pray for hungry hearts in the church in Cuenca. For the church to grow, we need the people to grow in the understanding of God's grace. We know that it is He who gives us the want to study and the "do". The families in our church are growing and we pray that the desire to seek the Lord would also grow and they would not be discouraged or distracted. 

5) This September is our 6th annual retreat for women. It is something that the ladies look forward to all year, and it requires a lot of preparation from Tirsa, and the ladies that serve with her. Please pray for the preparation of the ladies retreat in September.

6) I will be applying for a Canadian visa this month. My sister lives in Montreal and I have never been to visit her. It is something she has asked me to do, and we believe it is God's will that we go, but I need to get a visa first. Please pray that if it is God's will that we go to Canada I will be able to get a visa. 

We thank FBC for all their kindness and caring for us. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Missions Conference Lord willing.