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June Prayer Requests

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Nepal & Bhutan

Gopal & Amrita M--Nepal


We have some prayer request for Nepal:

1) There are many villages where there is no church (Christian) in Nepal. We pray for them for they know Jesus.

2) There is big need of spiritual leaders in Nepal. 

3) We pray to send missionaries to those places where there is no church.

4) We have school ministry to serve society.

5) We pray to bring more children in Sunday school. And need more gifted Sunday school teachers.


Some personal prayers & physical needs:

1) We are in need of some more rooms for school.

2) A big storm damaged a house's roof of our school. It had cement tiles on the roof. We are praying to make new roof. Want to make metal roof. 

3) Need of vehicle for school and church ministry.

4) JBC and MBC(Hark's church) are in need of land to make church house. Now we are doing fellowship in rented land there.

5) I am praying for an electric bike or scooter to visit villages. Now I am not driving motorbike after accident. 


Thank you for your love and prayers


In Christ 

Gopal and Harka



Surja & Roshna T—Bhutan


We are all doing good by the God's Grace.


Please do pray for our ministry and our family.