Global Prayer

Up-to-date, relevant prayer requests from our friends around the world.


United States

Curtis & Michelle T - Chicago


  • An open door to share the gospel as racial conflict and unrest presents many challenges and barriers.
  • Wisdom and discernment as we navigate our ministries to very vulnerable and marginalized groups during this unique time with the many challenges presented due to Covid 19. 
  • Prayer as we structure our children’s program for the fall. All Chicago public school students are virtual and many still lack laptops, wifi access, copy paper, printers, and email access. Many of our children, already behind, have fallen even further behind in their education. 
  • Prayer for personal safety. We have seen a dramatic rise in drug dealing, gang activity, violence, shootings, prostitution, tent encampments housing the homeless and those struggling with addictions along with illegal raves and drug parties around our home. 
  • Prayer for those in our church leadership team who live in the community for protection, strength, compassion, and boldness to share the gospel. 


Thank you for your prayers.



Oscar & Stella G - Texas


  • Our prayer is that God uses His word as we teach every Sunday.
  • That God the Holy Spirit enlightens the mind and understanding of all the people hearing.
  • Also that God keeps giving us knowledge and discernment, understanding in His word.



Scott & Beth J—Alaska


  • Following God’s will during this time of pandemic.
  • Reaching Seafarers electronically.
  • Understanding the Lord‘s will for us when we go back to Minnesota and visit our families.
  • Preparation and planning for the 2021 cruise season in Alaska.
  • Sensing God‘s leading for how to further the ministry to local people in Seward, Alaska.
  • Boldness to share the gospel with the many travelers from the United States who come through Seward.
  • Relief for Beth from some chronic back pain.
  • Increased ability for Scott to develop electronic Bible messages to be posted on Seafarers Internet sites.
  • Wisdom for the ACMS Board members to oversee transitions in their leadership group, 10, praises to God for his many acts of faithfulness surrounding the Seafarer ministry this year.


Blessings to you all and please greet the Saints at FBC for us! 

Scott and Beth



Alden N & Lawrence A—Arizona


  • Pray for our church, that we will grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that many more Navajo will hear the Good News and be changed more into Christ's likeness.

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