Global Prayer

Up-to-date, relevant prayer requests from our friends around the world.

October Prayer Requests

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William & Sylvia K


1. God by His life- quickening / transforming word to establish our dominion over ignorance and fear. Thereby drawing many people to Christ and establish all our new converts and new members in the faith in Christ Jesus, and growing us all in His right knowledge.


2. Pray together with us for divine provision of resources to enable us CONSTRUCT THE CHURCH. The current building we are worshiping in is in a bad condition, especially this rainy season.


3. Pray with brother Caleb and Hezron, they are passing through hard times financially to meet their daily needs and of their families. And these men are a great blessing to the Church and body of Christ.


4. Pray with my wife (Sylvia) who has been so sickly on and off. She is suffering from ulcers and malaria.


5. Pray with my daughters ( Benita and Damaris). They will be doing their final exams of primary level end of next month.


Thank you so much God’s servants (Jackie, Karen & Eleisha) making me feel blessed together with my all family for praying, monthly encouragement through cards, emails, etc. Truly you people you are dear to me. Please pass my greetings to all for me.

David & Ann K


1. Pray that the Grace of God will continue to empower us in serving Him daily, while teaching and admonishing one another.

2. Pray that our churches desire to grow in the knowledge and truth of His word and seeking his will.

3. Pray for peace along the borders of our neighbors/ tribal communities for easy reaching with the Word.

4. Pray for our daughters, Consolata and Mercy, who will be sitting for their national examinations this year. May God make them successful.

5. Pray for our preparations and safe travels to FBC in October. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


James & Veronica L


Kindly pray with us on the following:


1. Church members to grow in the grace of God.


2. More church elders who will lead others to the love of God.


3. Chepareria town church needs a new permanent building house.

4. Remember my father in prayer, he is not a believer.


Thank you for your support in prayers

Zacheus & Gloria C

1. Pray for the ministry in pokot, Sengwer and Marakwet so that God will grow up to Himself men and women who can continue the teachings.

2. There are many more requests for us to increase the teaching times.

3. The younger locations to be more grounded in the truth (God's grace and truth in Christ Jesus)

4. The lessons being translated to Sengwer and Marakwet to continue

5. The area we cover is wide and we are trusting God to provide with all the needed resources to ensure the churches are grounded in truth.


1. Pray for me and Gloria as we trust God to have a house to cut cost we spent on house rent.

2. Pray for Gloria as she is still schooling, that God's provision will be witnessed.

3. Pray with us for the kids, we are staying with that God will continue granting us the grace to help the both spiritually and financially. They are Lewis, Louis and Bethany.