Growing in the Knowledge of God

On Zoom Mondays @ 7:00 PM

Instructors - Global Missions Team

On Zoom Mondays @ 7:00 PM.

How would you feel if your children doubted your love and acceptance of them? This can be experienced in our relationship with God. God has manifested what He is like within the Old Testament. By focusing on man, rather than God, we can come away with very inaccurate views of who He is. This class will highlight who God has revealed Himself to be through the Old Testament.

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This course will be using "Knowing God: Who He's Revealed Himself To Be" from the FBC Global Missions library. You can pick-up a hard copy of the book from the Missions Stairwell at FBC or at the church office (M-Th 9-4; F 9-12).

The book is also available HERE. You can also click on the picture below.

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Course Schedule

September 14 - Lesson 1: Introduction

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September 21 - Lesson 2: God is Eternal and the Bible is His Message to All People

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September 28 - Lesson 3: God Created the Angels

October 5 - Lesson 4: God Revealed Himself and His Heart Through His Creative Arts

October 12 - Lesson 5: God Created Adam and Eve

October 19 - Lesson 6: God Placed Adam in Eden

October 26 - Lesson 7: God Created a Wife for Adam

November 2 - Lesson 8: Lucifer Rebelled Against God

November 9 - Lesson 9: Adam and Eve Disobeyed God

November 16 - Lesson 10: God Judged Adam and Eve, Cursed the Earth, and Promised to Send a Deliver

November 23 - Lesson 11: God Provided Clothing for Adam and Eve and He Put Them in the Garden; Cain and Abel were Born

November 30 - Lesson 12: Cain's and Abel's Offerings

December 7 - Lesson 13: God's Justice Demands Judgment on Sin, But His Grace Always Provides a Way of Deliverance

December 14 - Lesson 14: God Faithfully Delivered Those in the Ark, Just as He Had Promised; God Sovereignly Intervenes and Forces Mankind to Follow His Will at Babel

December 21 - Lesson 15: In Preparing to Bring About the Line of Christ, God Chooses Abraham and Guides Him to Canaan

December 28 - Lesson 16: God Renewed His Promise to Abram; God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

January 4 - Lesson 17: God Gave Isaac and Delivered Him from Death

January 11 - Lesson 18: Finding a Bride for Isaac

January 18 - Lesson 19: The Promise Passes ON To Isaac and Jacob; God Takes Jacob's Family to Egypt

January 25 - Lesson 20: God Preserves the Israelites and Protects Moses

February 1 - Lesson 21: God Sent Plagues on the Egyptians

February 8 - Lesson 22: God Delivered the Israelites at the Red Sea; God Provides Food and Water in the Wilderness

February 15 - Lesson 23: Giving of the Law

February 22 - Lesson 24: God Told the Israelites to Build the Tabernacle

March 1 - Lesson 25: The Tabernacle: A Picture of Christ and His Finished Work

March 8 - Lesson 26: The Israelites Didn't Believe That God Would Give Them the Land of Canaan

March 15 - Lesson 27: God Is A "Zealous God"; He Took the Israelites to Canaan

March 22 - Lesson 28: God Sent His Prophets to the Israelites But They Refused to Respond to His Warning

March 29 - Lesson 29: God Foretold the Birth of John And Fulfilled His Promise Concerning Him

April 5 - Lesson 30: God Was About to Fulfill His Promises Concerning the Deliver

April 12 - Lesson 31: The Deliverer Was Born and Grew Into Manhood

April 19 - Lesson 32: God Sent John to Teach and to Baptize; John Baptized Jesus

April 26 - Lesson 33: Jesus Resisted Satan's Temptations

May 3 - Lesson 34: Jesus Began His Ministry

May 10 - Lesson 35: Jesus Taught the Necessity of New Birth

May 17 - Lesson 36: Jesus Had Power to Heal Sickness and Forgive Sins

May 24 - Lesson 37: Jesus' Discipleship of Peter

May 31 - Lesson 38: Jesus' Arrest

June 7 - Lesson 39: Jesus' Death on the Cross

June 14 - Lesson 40: Jesus' Death on the Cross Saves Us! From What?

June 21 - Lesson 41: The Mystery of God - Namely Christ

June 28 - Lesson 42: Saved From the Power of Sin - Sanctification

July 5 - Lesson 43: Saved From the Future Presence of Sin - Glorification

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