Israel Trip 2019

December 26, 2019 - January 6, 2020

Journey to the Land of the Bible

Join us on a life-transforming journey December 26, 2019 – January 6, 2020 to see the Land of the Bible in a unique way. This tour will incorporate two tracks: one focused on the Land through the lens of prophecy, and one for youth, parents, and those looking for an adventurous and physically invigorating study of the Land. The Bible will come alive in ways you never thought possible; and your daily walk, prayer life, and understanding of Scripture will be forever changed.


Lead by Don Den Hartog, Dennis McNutt, and Charlie Spencer, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Learn from two different perspectives: prophecy and adventure

• Experience a special communion service at the Garden Tomb

• Ride a boat across the Sea of Galilee on a replica from Jesus’ time

• Have time for prayer at the Western “Wailing” Wall in Jerusalem

• Walk the very roads on which Jesus walked!

Find the itinerary and details here:

Let us know if you have any questions!