Life on Life: The Art of Personal Ministry

Room 2-3 on Sundays from 9:30-10:45 AM live and on Zoom

Instructors - Biblical Counseling Ministry Team

On the upper level in room 2-3 on Sundays from 9:30-10:45 AM. Contact for the Zoom information.

As a result of the Fall, we are all adversely affected by relationship challenges, issues with sin and experience with suffering. Into that difficulty, God intends His people to use their relationships and His truth to "make disciples" of one another who observe all He has commanded us. This lecture and discussion class prepares each of us to learn how to more skillfully offer God's truth in the context of authentic relationships.

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All classes will be recorded and available by Tuesday mornings.

*Recommended resource: Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change, By Paul David Tripp


Course Schedule

September 13

Class 1- How Can We Help Others?

Instructor: Hunter Mayo

Link to lesson and class handout

September 20

Class 2- Our Heart Influences our Actions

Instructor: John Morrison

Link to lesson and class handout

September 27

Class 3- Idolatry

Instructor: Ken Spence

PDF of class handout

October 4

Class 4- Love, Know, Speak, Do

Instructor: Hunter Mayo

October 11

Class 5- Entry Gates & Incarnation

Instructor: Ken Spence

October 18

Class 6- Life-on-Life - What is it and Why is it needed in the Church?

Instructor: John Morrison

October 25

Class 7- Life-on-Life - Biblical Sufficiency vs. Other Perspectives 

Instructor: Greg Perkins

November 1

Class 8- Life-on-Life – Step One: Build Involvement

Instructor: Scott Crowley

November 8

Class 9- Life-on-Life – Step Two: Give Hope

Instructor: Scott Crowley

November 15

Class 10- Life-on-Life – Step Three: Gathering Data

Instructor: Hunter Mayo

November 22

Class 11 - Life-on-Life – Step Four: Interpret Problems Biblically

Instructor: John Morrison

December 6

Class 12 – Life-on-Life – Step Five: Provide Biblical Instruction

Instructor: Greg Perkins

December 13

Class 13 – Life-on-Life – Step Six: Assign Suitable Homework

Instructor: Ken Spence

December 20

Class 14 – Life-on-Life: VIDEO of a Life-on-Life Personal Ministry Meeting

Instructor: Scott Crowley

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