Medical Ministry

Promoting wellness and healing within Fellowship Bible Church.

Faith Community Nursing™

The Faith Community Nursing Ministry at Fellowship Bible Church strives to promote wellness and healing within the congregation. Faith Community Nurses assist individuals in gaining optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.

Services Provided by Faith Community Nurses:

• Health screenings

• Classes on health and wellness topics

• Promote understanding of health issues

• Act as an Advocate/Resource/Referral Agent

• Home and hospital visits

• Facilitate access to health care and health information

• Reinforce prescribed medical regimens 

• Work with individuals toward a healthy lifestyle change

• Encourage individuals through prayer and presence

Faith Community Nurses do not:

• Provide care when a physician order is required 

• Dispense medications

• Compete with any care provider or agency 

• Practice without a spiritual focus

If you would like to request the services of a Faith Community Nurse, fill out the form below. If you are having difficulty with the form, please call the church (540) 662-7743.

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)

The Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a group of qualified doctors, nurses and other certified medical technicians who agree to be on call at our worship services and other church-wide events. If you are a medical professional and are willing to serve in this way, we welcome you to join the team. 

Advance Care Resources

Here are some resources to assist you as you learn about Advance Care.

Resources for Advance Directive Project

Glossary for Advance Directive Project

VA Advance Directive Form

I would like to serve in this ministry.