Pouring Out God's Love

The Bible instructs us on how to grow our relationships with others with numerous scriptures that can be referred to as the “one another” passages. Because God has demonstrated His great love towards us, has given us an example of how to live through the life of Christ, and has empowered us through the Holy Spirit, we can’t help but to naturally “OVERFLOW” with a heart-felt response and pour out that same love to others around us.

“GroupLink” - Sunday, September 12, 6-7 PM

If you’re not connected in a community group, this open house event will allow you to meet and interact with all group leaders who have openings in their groups. You’ll be able to find a group that can fit your schedule in a location that works for you!

“OVERFLOW” Sermon Series - Month of September

Throughout September, a 4-Week sermon series highlights how our lives are called to “OVERFLOW” into others, all based on what God has poured into us.

Idea Cards

“Fellowship Family” podcasts

Dive deeper into gaining a greater understanding of the “one another” passages with weekly podcast conversations that unpack the scriptural content and the audiences of who should be receiving the “one anothers” from us.

"Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner"

Sign up to invite someone from FBC into your home for a meal AND receive an invitation from someone from FBC for a dinner party. What better way to live out "one anothers" with each other than over food! The deadline to register is September 30. Dinner parties can occur on your schedule at any time during October.

“Fellowship Together” An Evening of Song - Friday, October 1

Join together as a body of believers to sing to one another and enjoy the unique musical talents of those in our church for an outdoor night of worship.

"Legacy Grandparenting Summit” (Live-Stream Conference) - October 21-22

Calling all grandparents! This live-stream conference will encourage you to be intentional in your relationships with your adult children and their kids as you seek to love and disciple your family. The cost is $59 per person.

“Global Church Week” - October 23-31

Visitors from around the globe will be in Winchester, who are global church leaders and partners with FBC. Get the opportunity to learn more about our Global Missions programs at FBC and strengthen some new relationships with other believers from other parts of the world.

“Surprise Your Neighbor”

Share some “one anothers” with your neighbors! During September and October, prayerfully consider what display of love you would want to provide to one of your neighbors. “Prayer Walks” around your neighborhood are good ways to do that! Then, on this specific day in November, our whole FBC church body can display specific acts of kindness and God’s love all across town in each of our neighborhoods.

“Celebration Weekend” - Saturday and Sunday, November 20-21

Conclude the “OVERLOW” focus with a corporate worship gathering that celebrates the faithfulness of God and being thankful for what He has done in and through us over the months of this focus.