Fellowship Students

Everything you need to know about our middle and high school opportunities.

Student Communication Center: HuddleUp

Q: What is HuddleUp?

A: Our new online software designed for prioritizing announcements, privacy, and security. This is a monitorable way for our youth leaders, volunteers, parents, and students to interact safely and timely. Staff utilize this software to post throughout the week, connecting and equipping our leaders to serve. A simple email login allows users to get notifications the way they want! Students, Parents, and Volunteers can interact with the links below to join their respective "groups" within the system.




Fellowship Students is for students in 7th-12th grade. We offer Sunday morning classes, Wednesday youth group, small groups, ministry teams, outreach events, retreats, missions trips, service opportunities, and more!

Our Student Ministries exists to partner with parents to develop a culture where 7th-12th grade students are transformed into dependent disciples of Jesus Christ and given opportunities to be deployed to impact their world for Him.

Below is the Monthly Schedule for FALL 2020

Sundays: 11:00am Sunday School Class Combined (7th-12th Grade)*

Sundays: 11:00am Sunday School Class (Student Leadership Team)

*to be expanded and offered at 9am after COVID restrictions on size are lifted.

Wednesday Night Youth Group (6:30-8:30):

1st Wednesdays: SMALL GROUP (FBC/Various High-School Homes)

2nd Wednesdays: LARGE GROUP (FBC)

3rd Wednesdays: SMALL GROUP (FBC/Various High-School Homes)

4th Wednesdays: Ministry Team Meetings (Student MUST BE SIGNED UP TO SERVE to attend)

5th Wednesdays: LARGE GROUP

Upcoming youth ministry dates:

September 16 – First Small Group

September 23 - Ministry Team Fair (All students welcome to attend and sign-up to serve)

September 30 - Large Group (5th Wednesday)