Welcome and Hospitality Launch Team

Recruit and lead a team that creates a welcoming environment and system that connects people from their first visit to membership.


  • Develop a 1 year communications plan for the church plant.
  • Connecting people before, during and after the service. Create a Welcome Team with Greeters and Ushers, develop regular fellowship gatherings after the service.
  • Develop an environment that is conducive for plugging people into the body life of the church, making small groups a natural next step.
  • Follow up with new visitors as well as 2nd and 3rd visits. This can be a letter, email or call.
  • First contact systems – e.g. – name tags, check in, signage, welcome packets, etc.
  • This team will also pair up with the Logistics team to create and implement the Community Engagement Activities that proceed each Preview Service.